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School Of Adjutant

Order Of Adutancy

The mission of the School of Adjutancy is to train and mentor adjutants and armor bearers in the areas of Episcopal and Church protocol, Apostolic Order, and Discipleship.

Bishop of Protocol

It is the responsibility of the Bishop of Protocol to speak to all matters pertaining to the liturgical ceremony and pageantry for a given occasion and to determine the proper vesture for any given gathering of the Fellowship.  This Prelate is an advisor to the Primate, is well versed in Church Ceremonial and is called upon to determine the proper attire for gatherings as well as provide direction during liturgical services within the Fellowship.

Adjutant Bishop

Due to the national scope of this office, this adjutant is selected by the Presiding Bishop of the Reformation.  This officer may or may not be a Bishop in rank however, in the case that the Fellowship determines this office should be chaired by a bishop, said person’s designation is that of Adjutant-Bishop.  The Adjutant-General has direct oversight of all matters pertaining to the Adjutancy within the Fellowship to include, the Code of Dress, the development and implementation of the School of Adjutancy, as well as the administration, development and the certification of adjutants.  As such, all adjutants in the Fellowship, at the national as well as local level, fall immediately under the supervision and guidance of this office.

Adjutant Apostolic

The Adjutant-Apostolic directly serves the Presiding Bishop on a daily basis and at all gatherings of the Fellowship.  This rank

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is generally a mark of distinction for the one who directly assists the Presiding Bishop of the Fellowship, however, at the temporary absence of the Adjutant-General, the Adjutant-Apostolic performs all of the duties of the Adjutant-General.

Dean of the School of Adjutancy

Dean of the School of Adjutancy reports directly to the Adjutant-General and serves at the national level of the Fellowship.  This officer is a well-rounded servant that has successfully and faithfully served as Adjutant-Chaplain, Adjutant-Chamberlain and Chief Adjutant of a local assembly within the Fellowship.  This officer of the Adjutancy is largely a curriculum developer and policy writer for the School and has responsibilities as a teacher and mentor for adjutants of the Fellowship.  As a curriculum developer, it is the responsibility of the Dean to, as aforementioned; develop said curriculum for deliberate gatherings of the Fellowship, individual, local and regional training sessions and of course for the School of Adjutancy.  The Dean works very closely with the Adjutant-General to spiritually transcribe the Spirit of Adjutancy onto paper and convey that through training sessions and ongoing mentoring to the adjutants and servants of the Fellowship. 

Chief Adjutant

This office is the local version of the Adjutant-General in that he has the responsibility of overseeing the subordinate (Ordinary) bishop’s apostolic cabinet.  In the instances where an Ordinary has need of more than one adjutant, it is the Chief who is ultimately responsible for the vesting, care of and service to the bishop as well as his insignia and properties although he may appoint others to the direct service.  The Chief Adjutant of the local assembly or region is responsible for ensuring all directives are received and understood from the National Level and disseminated to the local churches.  It is further the responsibility for the Chief Adjutant to see to the development and training of the adjutants under his charge, under the direction of the Adjutant-General.  Lastly we should mention that this servant is one who has served successfully (and may continue to serve) as Adjutant Chamberlain to an Auxiliary, Coadjutor or Ordinary Bishop.

Adjutant Chamberlain

This office is the local version of the Adjutant-Apostolic in that they are responsible for directly serving the subordinate (Coadjutor) bishop.  The Adjutant-Chamberlain personally assists in the proper vesting of the Prelature and is usually adjutant to the Bishops of Dioceses or the local church.   This adjutant is the one in the local assembly who handles and maintains the bishop’s vestments and insignia and it is because they are familiar with their bishop and his/her vestments, it is expected that they be utilized during vesting within the gatherings of the Fellowship.  It should be noted that one may serve successfully as both Chief Adjutant and Adjutant-Chamberlain in their local church.

Adjutant Chaplain

This person works closely with the bishop’s Episcopal administrator to stay apprised of the bishop’s itinerary to make necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation.  The non-ordained and/or non-administrative version of this position is an Armor-Bearer.  There could be one Adjutant-Chamberlain with other Adjutant-Chaplains or Armor-Bearers working with them, or a bishop could appoint multiple Adjutant-Chamberlains and they could all rotate their service.  This is of course, solely dependent upon the needs and desires of that particular prelate.


Vergers & Acolytes

These persons are appointed by Bishops of the

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Dioceses (Ordinaries) and may be selected by the Chief Adjutant at any given ceremony, as the need arises in the local church.  They serve as Processional Cross Bearer, Processional Banner Bearers, Bible Bearer and candle lighters.  These offices are designated for our youth with the intent that as they serve, these persons are being groomed for the more demanding roles within the Adjutancy.  As Proverbs 22:6 declares, “Train up a child…”  With this appointment as an acolyte or verger, a spirit of servant-hood and humility is cultivated within our young persons as we rear our successors to this great and ongoing work.

School of Adjutancy Training

The School of Adjutancy offers training and mentoring for churches, small groups and even individuals at your request.  While we do promote the spirit of this Fellowship passed down from her forefathers, this training is not exclusively geared toward this Fellowship per se; but applies principles recognized and accepted in the universal Church.  These training sessions will provide information as well as impartation as the Holy Spirit provides insight into the things relating to our work and service.  Our main concern is to speak to the Spirit of what we do as adjutants and not focus on the letter.  To meet your training/mentoring needs, we are prepared to meet at your location (Within the Contiguous United States), at our headquarters here in Columbia, Missouri, in the virtual classroom online, or through teleconference.   


Having stated that, some topics of training offered by the Zion United Fellowship of Churches & Ministries School of Adjutancy are:


  • Episcopal Protocol and Etiquette
  • The Spirit of Adjutancy
  • Ecclesiastical Vestments
  • Mentoring (group and individual)
  • What is an adjutant and what is his scope
  • Establishing adjutant/servant structure within the local church
  • Ceremonium


Feel at liberty to contact us with inquiries as to your specific training needs.  When presented with such specific requests, we have developed training models for a particular request; all is dependent upon the need.  In other words, if you are unsure if we provide training in a particular area or not, just ask.

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