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Code of Ethics

It is a requirement that every member of Kingdom International Network of Churches accept and adhere to the following ministerial ethics:


  • Each member has a right to their own style and personality as they follow Christ.
  • To conduct ones affairs in morals, finances, and business relations with a high degree of Christian integrity.
  • To maintain a teachable spirit towards the

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    other leaders of the Fellowship.

  • To speak in a respectful and edifying manner where other members of the Fellowship are concerned.
  • To abstain, directly or indirectly, in any issue that would cause a church split.
  • To not sow seeds of discord among the body by gossip, rumors and opinionated criticism.
  • To abstain from the consumption or use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.
  • To pursue a Christian relationship with other members of the Fellowship.
  • To respect the rights of others and allow them to be different, as long as their actions comply with the written Word of God.
  • To support and give your loyalty

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    to any pastor under which you may serve.

  • To deal justly as the Scriptures command concerning all areas of fellowship, relationships, unity and brotherly love.
  • To follow the procedure as commanded in the Scriptures when faced with a brother or sister who is in violation of these ethics or any other Biblical moral standard.
  • To agree to adhere to our Statement of Faith, Ministerial Ethics and By-Laws. 
  • Kingdom International Network of Churches believes that the homosexual life style is contrary to scripture and is not acceptable to God.