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Kingdom International Network of Churches

Making Disciples, Planting Churches, Strengthening Families

What We

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Our Services


Clergy Training:

RAM Bible Institute and Seminary
Shepherds School ( For Pastors)

Ministers in Training (For Ministers)

Licensing and Ordination (Credentials)

Elisha Ministry (Internship Program)


Leadership Training:

Bishop A. R. Massenburg Leadership Training Institute

Church Administration Spiritual (Job Description, Church Software, Computers)

Church Administration Legal (Incorporation, 501C3, Church Bylaws, ETC)

Youth & Young Adult & Children’s Ministry Assistance


Life Support:

Pastoral Mentoring

Clergy Counseling

Elijah Cage (The Retreat)



Local and Foreign Missions

Invest in Local Churches in Diocese

Evangelism (Food Pantry, FRAN PLAN, Door

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2 Door, Operation Win 10)

Church Planting and Recruiting.


Surplus For Ministry

Invest in Local Churches in Diocese

Mustard Seed Foundation

Grants & Foundations

Streams of Income.


What To Expect

Grace and Peace! I am honored that you are considering a connection with the Kingdom International Network of Churches. We are in a day and age where many people are looking for a place to belong. The passion for a covering or a father is in consistent demand, and while the choices are numerous, I would like to take this opportunity to communicate the vision of the Kingdom International Network of Churches in order to clarify how your connection will benefit you. Covenant is not something that we take lightly, so we honor the time, prayer, and contemplation that it takes to make a decision of this magnitude. This correspondence, while not meant to be exhaustive, is designed to give insight into our organizational distinctions, and answer a few questions you may have.

At Kingdom International Network of Churches, we are here to help you grow! For us, this is not just a numeric growth, but it is a growth that we hope solidifies the definition of prosperity in your life which is “nothing broken and nothing missing.” In order to do this, Kingdom International Network of Churches not only provides opportunities for worship and preaching, but we aim to go deeper by providing practical training and one on one mentoring. It is the training and mentoring, at the heart of our vision that we believe have the most profound impact on your personal growth and development in the Lord.

As a part of Kingdom International Network of Churches, you can expect a framework that provides accountability and structured leadership. This allows us to not only provide members of Kingdom International Network of Churches with valid credentials for their ministry work, but also the needed ministry “stretching” that keeps us all fresh in our calling, relevant to this age, and clear in our integrity.

Our hope is that you prayerfully consider becoming a part of the Kingdom International Network of Churches, not for what the connection will give you “alone”, but what your connection will enable us all to do for the Kingdom. Should you have further questions, we would love to set a time to speak to you personally. Please feel free to reach out to us, so that we can schedule a time with you.



The purpose of this Fellowship shall be to Emphasize, Encourage, Promote Unity and Church Growth & Development in the Body of Christ according to Ephes. 4:11-15. To promote unity and fellowship among all members of the Body of Christ to provide ways and means by which these objectives may be obtained. Members may work harmoniously in cooperation (Psalm 133) with each other promoting the work and objectives set forth in the Fellowship Constitution. It is not, to any degree, and never shall have any Apostolic Covering, Ecclesiastical or Hierarchal Authority over its membership churches. It shall not have and never shall attempt to exercise a single attribute of Power or Authority over any church, or the messengers(Pastors, Overseers, Elders, Etc.) of the churches in such wise as to limit the sovereignty of the churches, but shall recognize the sovereignty of the churches under one Sovereign, The Lord Jesus Christ. Kingdom International Network of Churches is Networking Churches & Ministries Worldwide.



We are a Fellowship that is mandated to network with churches all over the world for the edifying and building up of the Body of Christ. We promote Kingdom Principles through the Word of God. These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a part of Kingdom International Network of Churches:

Pastoral Support in the form of ministry assistance, counseling, and services.

Assistance with getting 501(c)3.

Joint funding of Evangelical activities.

Scholarship funding for college-bound students within the fellowship Opportunity to receive Earned and Honorary Degrees (Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate) in Divinity, Practical Theology, Pastoral Counseling, and Biblical Counseling from the RAM Bible Institute and Seminary. Scholarships will be provided to offset the cost to anyone wanting to attend.
Assistance in Ordination and Consecration activities.
Fully-funded Youth Activities.

Joint financial support for churches and families in times of catastrophe or emergency.
Training for Church staff and officers.
Church planting for elders and pastors without edifices.
Counseling or support for pastors, ministers or families in a spiritual or moral crisis.

Why Join Us

Join Us

As a covering to pastors and churches, we are committed to providing you with enough oversight to ensure scriptural accountability, the freedom to fulfill your God-given vision, and the spiritual support you need to enhance your success in ministry. We are committed to covenant relationships that endure the test of time.
We stand behind our ministers helping them through the difficulties of ministry and celebrating their successes. Kingdom International Network of Churches provides pastors and churches with an  organizational network that will benefit their ministries in the following ways:

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style=”text-align: center;”>Covering without control
Ongoing ministry training
Accountability that increases credibility
Relationships based on integrity and mutual respect
Shared resources
Prayer cover
Impartation and anointing
Wisdom of proven ministry experience
Favor of God